The 9 Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Professions that involve physically meeting with client, like dentist, need a reliable tool to smoothen the business flow. In this context, appointment scheduling software can be a good answer. Adopting this kind of software you don’t need to manually arrange your schedules if there a client asking for your free schedule. It’s the system’s job. All you need to do is displaying your schedules to your website.

In reality, the adoption of appointment scheduling software is wider than you probably thought. Service-based businesses like massage, salon to photo studio rental also use this kind of software to let the consumers know about the empty schedule. They can even make a booking as well.

So, if you start thinking of adopting the same software, here is the list online appointment software that you can use.

1. Appointy

Appointy is a freemium online appointment scheduling software. Meaning that you can use it for free despite you should work with fewer features. At the beginning use you can use the premium plan for free for 14 days during the trial period. Once the trial period is over, it’s your choice whether to upgrade your account or stick to the free account. Your account will be automatically downgraded if you don’t make an upgrade.

Appointy is capable of serving service-based businesses in any field like education, health, fitness to professional services like photo studio rent. No matter the plan you choose, you will be able to integrate Appointy with the official website of your business to makes it easy for your consumers in checking your business schedules. One of the interesting features offered by Appointy is a CRM that is aimed at retaining your loyal consumers.

2. Acuity Scheduling

With the aim to increase the business performance, many businesses prefer a software that can be integrated with other services. If you are looking for this kind of software then Acuity Scheduling is good choice. This online appointment scheduling software supports a lot of integrations including Pipedrive for CRM, MadMini for bulk emailing, PayPal for payment and so on. Furthermore, you can also integrate Acuity Scheduling with over 500 other apps via Zapier. It’s just, you need to use at least one of the offered paid plans to enjoy all of the those features.

Choosing a paid plan will also give some advantage to your business branding since you can upload your business logo as well as customize the schedules template with your company colors. Plus, you will have the ability to remove the Acuity branding. You are also given a free trial to use one of the offered pain plans.

3. SimplyBook

As the name suggests, SimplyBook makes it simpler for your clients to book your service by checking the schedules first. If you haven’t used this kind of software before and unsure about how it works, SimplyBook offers a demo to convince you. There are three kinds of demo offered by this appointment software. From booking website templates, admin interface example to booking app on Facebook. SimplyBook is great to adopt by service-based business like consultants, medical clinic, fitness class and other business that involve schedule. SimplyBook is also a freemium appointment scheduling software so you can use this software for free for basic use.

SimplyBook has made it easier for you to integrate your schedules with your website by offering a plugin for WordPress, Joomla and SITE123. If you use other platforms, SimplyBook also offers iframe to embed your schedules on your site. Furthermore, SimplyBook also features email and SMS notifications, online payments (including PayPal), calendar sync, and analytics tool.

4. TimeTap

TimeTap is an online appointment scheduling software that is aimed at small businesses. You can also rely on this software to provide a scheduling system for the business you are running to makes it easy for your consumers to book your service online. While the schedules are arranged by the system, you can fully focus on your service to get your consumers pleased as you give your best. TimeTap comes with lots of integration including Salesforce, Google Calendar, PayPal to Outlook. Just like all software above, TimeTap is also a freemium software. You are given a 30-day period to try one of the paid plans.

5. Calendly

LinkedIn, Zendesk to University of Georgia are the examples of big names that take advantage of Calendly to adjust meetings calendars. Currently, Calendly has about 1 million monthly users, making it one of the most popular online scheduling software. In general, features offered by Calendly are not far different to other tools above. You can embed the Calendly page to your website to let your consumers booking your service.

Have a team?. No problem. Calendly also allows you to invite your team members and let them schedule a time. Meeting is automatically assigned to an available team member. Calendly also supports a number of integrations. Salesforce, Slack to MailChimp are the examples of services you can integrate Calendly with. Calendly is also a freemium software just like all items above.

6. Setmore

Claims itself as the world’s number one free scheduling platform, Setmore is also a great tool that lets you build an automated scheduling platform. No more hassle accepting too much calls. Although the tool tells you that you can use it for free, premium version is also available for more advanced features and integrations. No matter the platform you use to build your site, whether WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or even Wix, adding Setmore booking page is as easy as slicing the bread. Setmore also comes with a wide range of integrations. You can integrate this software with popular services you have probably used like MailChimp, Slack, Google Analytics to Salesforce.

7. ScheduleOnce

Unlike all tools above which are basically freemium software. ScheduleOnce is a fully paid online appointment scheduling software that gives you no chance to use if for free, unless during the trial period which last for two weeks. In general, the features offered by ScheduleOnce are basically not far different to all similar tools. You can embed the ScheduleOnce on your website with ease. All website integration options offered by ScheduleOnce are brandless, fully integrating with your website without any mention of ScheduleOnce. Other key features of ScheduleOnce include payment integration, custom themes, custom booking forms, custom notifications and reporting.

8. OnSched

OnSched use the same strategy as ScheduleOnce. It doesn’t not offer any free version. However, just like other software on this list, there is a trial mode you can use to give this tool a try before deciding to continuously using it. On the feature side, you will get the same features as you get from other tools above like website integration, notifications and so on. Additionally, OnSched also supports integrations with other services. If you need a demo, OnSched also offers it.

9. Bookafy

Last but not least. Bookafy is also a great software you can rely on if you want to build an appointment scheduling platform for the business you are running. This is the most affordable item compared to all tools above. Bookafy is a freemium software. While you can it for free, you will only be billed for $7 to use its premium version. Premium features offered by this software include multiple users/staff, group events and SMS reminders. Premium version also allows you to integrate your Bookafy account with more services such as MailChimp, GoToMeeting and so on.

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Aliko Sunawang

Aliko Sunawang

A blogger and photography hobbyist. Starting an online publishing company at

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